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ChiroCE was created to fill a void in the chiropractic continuing education space.

Until ChiroCE came along, there was no easy way to sell courses online.  ChiroCE is the solution for organizations to sell all of their courses in one place, and for DC’s to do all their CE shopping in one place.

Here's how it works

  • Contact US

    Contact us and describe a little about yourself and your vision behind what you bring to the profession. We will set up an account for you to login and view all course sales and completion reports.

  • Submit Your Course

    Send us all the bits and pieces involved in your course like quiz questions and presenter CV's and we'll process it into the platform for you. We can even bring our own cameras and produce events for you to generate content from scratch! At this time, ChiroCE does not approve courses with state boards.

  • Sit Back and Collect Royalties!

    We strive to be a full-service technical extension of your organization. We handle everything from uploading videos to customer support, leaving you with as little responsibility as feasibly possible. There are no startup and operation costs to you. Just a simple royalty split. We will never ask you to pay with hopes that you'll make your money back. We absorb all operating costs to make it effortless to contribute.


A communal approach to sales makes everybody win.

The more classes on ChiroCE, the more times each class will sell.  DC’s regularly come to the site with one class in mind, but come across another course they found a value in.  They earn CE’s conveniently, you sell more courses inadvertently. 

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