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The Florida Chiropractic Society will periodically check ChiroCE for the latest course completions and submit them to CE broker on your behalf. If you passed the quiz at the end of the course, the FCS will have access to submit your information. You do not need to do anything but complete the course on ChiroCE, the rest is taken care of. ChiroCE is not capable or authorized to provide any information outside of the technical functionality of the site. Please contact the FCS or your state board for legal information.
The Georgia Council of Chiropractic has arranged all CE approvals on their own. For more information regarding laws, regulations, or your specific CE requirements, please contact ChiroCE is a technical platform only, so we're unable to answer these questions ourselves.
Life University was sent a list of all ChiroCE live presentation completions from the live-streamed portion of the extravaganza. If you have questions about the status of your certificate, please contact Life University to inquire about the processing.
The Subluxation Symposium CE approval is being handled by the Connecticut Chiropractic Council. They have access to any and all presentations you have completed on Please contact the CCC at to inquire about the status of your CE certificate.
-Please navigate to and check your webcam. If your webcam isn't working on this site, it will not work on ChiroCE.
-If you're experiencing issues with your webcam on the test site, you'll need to address them before returning to ChiroCE.
The full quick start guide is found on the left hand side of the Contact Us page. Click the slides to cycle through all steps required in ChiroCE.
ChiroCE prioritizes Technical Support above all other submissions. Messages sent via this option will be considered low priority and our team will respond accordingly.

The fastest way we can help you is by selecting Technical Support and telling us which point in the quick start guide you're experiencing issues.
The quick start guide is found on the left hand side of the Contact Us page. Click anywhere on the window to advance through all the steps.

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