Total Hours Required (each year)
  • 00Days Until Next Renewal Cycle
Hours Available Online (per 2 years)

Category-Specific Hourly Requirements for Georgia CE Completion

  • 1 Hour GA Laws and Rules
  • 4 Hourse Ethics/Risk Management
  • 15 Hours of Clinical Science
    • Up to 3 hours may be Philosophy
    • Up to 4 hours may be coding/documentation

Requires Physical Attendance

  • No specific categories required, but  must complete a minimum of 20 physical attendance hours every two years.

Available Online

  • All Categories

Unavailable for CE

  • Financial Management
  • Practice Building & Management

The information provided above is intended as a guide only.  Please contact the Georgia board to confirm.

Georgia Approved Courses

Course NameHoursPriceInstructor CategoryState(s)ProviderStatus
Effectively Educating Doctors of Chiropractic on Public Health Strategies1$20Teri PflegerClinical Science, ResearchGAGCC


Subluxation Based Chiropractic Research – A Public Health Perspective4$80Christie Kwon M.S., D.C.Clinical Science, ResearchGAGCC


Global Expansion of Chiropractic: Historical Perspectives, Research and Philosophy2$40Serge Sature, D.C.PhilosophyGAGCC


Chiropractic and Mental Disorders3$50George Curry, D.C.Clinical Science, ResearchGAGCC


The Most Important Part of Your Body1$20Kaleb Scroggin, DCNeurology, ResearchGAGCC


The Family Chiropractor: Serving Your Community Through Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth and Infancy4$80Cathy Wendland, DCAdjusting Techniques, ExaminationGAGCC


Georgia Laws & Rules1$20Awais Butt, D.C.Law & BoundariesGAGCC


Risk Management for the Subluxation Centered Chiropractor4$80Matthew McCoy, D.C.Risk ManagementGAGCC